Mesh Panel Fencing

Mesh Panel Fencing

There are many types of fencing that we can see around. Fences are made from any type of materials that serves as protection in our perimeter. This can keep the houses and big establishments somehow protected.

The protector range of mesh fencing panel system is designed to suit a wider range of applications that includes the perimeter, sports fencing, as well as security mesh panel that is high. Each high quality mesh panel fencing system is manufactured using pre-galvanized wire and are powder coated. We guarantee low prices on all our welded mesh fencing products and we carry a large stock.

Mesh Panel Fencing have different types:

  1. ‘Pro- mesh’ Fencing Panel – a galvanized profile mesh fencing that is cost-effective and comes with strong tubular steel posts and security fencing. It is an attractive, cost effective medium security mesh panel and post fencing system that is robust, easy to install and combines medium security with aesthetic appeal.
  2. ‘Pro- sure’ 358 Security Mesh Fencing Panel- this is a high security fencing panel (mesh) using 358 robust tubular steel posts as well as extra secure clamp bars. Pro- sure high security mesh panel fencing can be installed to create a very secure fence in a range of standard height of two meter up to six meters. This provides a higher level of security to those applications where it is a high priority to keep intruders out or to contain inmates. It is also used often for other applications for peace of mind.
  3. ‘Pro- vario’ With a Vertical Banded Look- this mesh panel and post system combines the strength and ease for installation of our pro-mesh system with the extra appeal for the vertical banded pattern. This type of fence is available in 2 meter and 2.4 meter high system.
  4. ‘Pro-twin’ Mesh Fencing Panel (twin wire) – twin wire mesh panel and post system is an extremely strong mesh panel system with a flat profile made with twin horizontal wires to provide and exceptionally rigid fence.
  5. ‘Pro- play’ Mesh Fencing Panel (Roll Top) – this type of fencing incorporates rolled top at the undermost edges to give safety and rigidity to fencing system. This type is used in parks, schools, playgrounds and in many residential areas. This safety features makes ‘pro- play’ fencing available as a complete system in a wide range of color options for boundary to perimeter fencing.

Mesh panel fencing guarantee our safety because of its tough features. We can get the security we wanted with mesh panel fence. Many companies are still continuing the idea of making any type of fencing because of its usage in any areas in both rural and urban places. Its high quality features can give us safety against the intruders. This type of fencing is designed to fit on our perimeters. Our security is the most important thing. Let us be vigilant with the upcoming things around us. If we have the chance to be protected, why not grab it to secure our safety.



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