Domestic fencing installation

Case Study – Project Waltham domestic fencing

Work carried out for private client – Dec 2021

  1. Background

The domestic client’s house backed onto a busy woodland walkway with no privacy or security. The client often had dog walkers coming into his garden unaware of private property.

The client also required a secure compound to be installed using a steel palisade to be able to keep valuable machinery in, also two gate posts to be installed for gates to be hung at a later date.

  1. Works to include
  • Supply and Installation of timber feather board fencing, 1.8m high plus two gravel boards. Approximately 80m
  • Supply and installation of green steel palisade 1.8m high. Approximately 270m
  • All posts are to be concreted into the ground.


The client’s outdoor area has been fully secured, we installed the feather board nearest to the house for the customer’s view using two gravel boards to slightly increase the overall height, and down the bottom of his land, we installed steel palisade coated green to make sure it blends into the woodland background. Overall we installed 350m worth of fencing.

A private compound has been erected to create a secured enclosure and a space for a driveway gate for clear access to the road.

The overall client is extremely pleased with the speed and professionalism carried out by the team and is already in talks for more fencing at his other compounds.

Domestic fencing installation

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Domestic fence installation Domestic fence installation Domestic fencing installation