Farm Road installation

The heavy groundwork for the new road for farm access.

Case Study – Lossenham Farm Roadway

Work carried for Thorson estates Sep/Oct 2021

  1. Background

Installation of a farm roadway to allow heavy farm machinery and vehicles access to a different location of their land. Approximately 850m long x 3m wide.

  1. Works to include
  •  Removal and disposal of the existing failed roadway.
  • Import and compact hardcore sub base
  • Lay geotextile membrane
  • Import and compact MOT Type 1
  • Repeat this process twice.
  • Installation of a colvert to bridge a drainage ditch.
  • Bridge to be installed following the same list as above until required height was reached.


  1. Outcome

Brand new track installed spanning across three fields, allowing farm vehicles to access different sections of their land.

Farm Road installation

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Farm Road installation Farm Road installation Farm Road installation Farm Road installation