Patio Slab laying Mersham

Case Study – Project  Slab patio – Mersham, Ashford.

Work carried out for Private client – Early 2022

  1. Background

The private client wanted works to install a slab patio with a new drainage system underground and small brick walls built up to increase the height of the patio that would tie into the existing outdoor bbq area as shown on the left hand side of the photos.

  1. Works to include


  • Prep ground levels for dig out, including line marking area and string line using a laser level.
  • Dig out area approximately 120sqm, using digger and dumper to remove muck away.
  • Plans to tap into existing drainage and replace new pipes with junction boxes to allow for new runs. Pipes are to be laid on a shingle/membrane bed.
  • Once new pipes had been installed, MOT type 1 was imported and compacted on a membrane base, in preparation for the concrete bed.
  • Bricks to be laid five high on concrete foundations, style as per customer request.
  • Import and lay concrete slabs on a concrete bed, making sure to stick to the correct levels.
  • Pave in patio with a grey jointex mortar, brushing off any excess.
  • Making good of ground around patio by grading excess mud off and raking in grass seed.



  1. Outcome

The client has a new patio to the correct levels and easy access to his outside bbq. Extremely happy with more projects in the pipeline!

Off the back of this job, we have secured another two larger patio installs, with more case studies to come.

Patio Slab laying Mersham

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