Case Study – Project Cooks access

Work carried for Cooks Sep/Oct 2020

  1. Background

Whilst working on the new warehouse concrete floor we had blocked access to the main building via the main in road. Staff car park needed to be used for site workers and stored plant.

It was also required for us to install a temporary timber pair of gates for access into the new facility.

  1. Works to include


  • Set up Plastic Jersey barriers on the main road
  • Set up of temporary crowd barrier fencing to block of car park.
  • Install two timber gates into an existing facility


  1. Outcome

Personnel working for cooks have a safe walkway past the working site.

Timber doors have been installed for quick and easy access straight into the warehouse, which would also be useful for the concrete pipes.

Safety Barrier installs

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Safety Barrier installs Safety Barrier installs Safety Barrier installs Safety Barrier installs